Saturday, May 07, 2005

Why Can't You Love Your Customers?

I have just been reading a fascinating interview from CRMGuru talking about getting organisation to wholly focus on the customer and improving the relationship.

Even if I wasn't discussing CRM right now, it has so many valuable points it is very worth sharing.

Talking to author, Lior Arussy, the discussion leads to some fascinating points:

  1. There is a disconnect between the CEO and the rest of the company when it comes to customer relationships. Most CEOs think that their organisation is customer focussed when in fact the rest of the company is not.
  2. Seventy per cent of executives said they didn't have the tools or authority to do what is right for their customers.
  3. While most executives believe that you can either 'love' your customers or be highly profitable but not both, 89 per cent of them did not know the cost of a new customer and 86 per cent did not know the value of a customer over 12 months. So how do they know that 'loving' their customers is not profitable?
This is a great, thought-provoking interview. You can read the entire interview via the link below.

Make Customer Strategies Work: An Interview with Lior Arussy