Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Making the web more usable with sliders

Here's a good discussion on new techniques to improve website usability by Rael at O'Reilly Radar. There are some suggestions including 'sliders' and though it is a little techie I think the examples are worth looking at.

What the post highlights is what I said in my podcast this week: as users of the web we have become accustomed to poor design so we bear with it through the frustration in order to achieve what we need to.

Of course, the real winners in the coming years will be the organisations who can harness the most usable technologies of the web and provide a seamless end-to-end customer service. They will thrive in the online economy while those organisation who cannot do this or choose to ignore such technologies will see their grip on their markets become tenuous at best.

O'Reilly Radar: Sliders are the new drop-downs