Sunday, April 16, 2006

How does marketing contribute?

I was talking to a sales person this week who didn't believe in marketing. He believes marketing is worthless and a waste of resources.

The bias might have something to do with the outlook that this sales person has. He is successful in what he does and his success comes in the way he crafts his story. He doesn't like marketing crafting the story.

The problem is that in this case the success of the sales person is for now. And growth will come from sales success. But in order to grow an organisation BIGTIME you need more than sales. You need to get the message out in other ways.

Marketing tells stories and prepares the way for sales. Not alway for today but for the future. And a company's success isn't just built on one day. It is built on months or years of hard work and consist story telling.

Friday, April 07, 2006

An example of good customer service

Recently I have been having problems receiving my magazine subscription for Marketing. This is a good magazine and well worth a read if you have can get hold of it.

Anyway, after some poor customer service and not receiving my magazines I was not a happy subscriber. But the team @ Niche Media did a good job in keeping me on board. How?

  1. They admitted their mistakes. There has been some problems their end.
  2. They didn't use the problems as an excuse.
  3. They gave me an incentive to stick with them.
  4. There was accountability. People told me to speak to them should there be any further problems.

Great job and well done to all involved. It is so nice when you get good service.