Thursday, June 02, 2005

Dumb Advertising

Here in the UK, KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) has received a number of complaints regarding its latest TV commercial.


The scene is an emergency call centre and two of the operators are singing with their mouths full of a new KFC product. This, say a number of parents, is promoting poor table manners in their children.

Apart from the terrible manners, it is simply a DUMB ad! Emergency services have a terrific reputation around the world (even here in the UK) and this ad is trying to get audiences to laugh at stupidity as these two operators try to answer emergency calls with their mouths full of KFC.

I haven't seen anyone laugh at these ads, in fact it is more of a cue to change channels or turn the sound down (they can't sing either!). But British TV seems to be full of this type of dumb advertising lately.

If the Brits want to see some clever advertising, they only have to pick up some of the magazines coming out of the US to see some creative and clever ideas.

I am not sure if agencies are trying to be more creative and are just missing their targets or whether there has been a definite move away from smart and sophisticated advertising. Or maybe it is time for the agencies to hire some grown-ups!

What dumb ads have you seen lately? They can be print or electronic.